• Pump & Tank
    • Installations & Removals

      In addition to the physical installation of equipment, ICI can also assist in both the design and layout of a tank and fueling system that will fit your needs. With nearly 25 years in the business, our well trained staff will sit down with you and discuss topics such as available space, monthly usage, pattern flow, and layout. Once we understand your needs, we will help coordinate, design, and install a system that will maximize your space while being the most practical for your application.


      ICI can handle all aspects of your UST removal. From permitting to tank locating, content analysis and disposal, ICI makes the UST removal process worry free. We have removed hundreds of tanks over the years ranging from 100 gallons to 50,000 gallons. Upon removal we assist in sampling, and take care of backfilling and resurfacing. In the end you are left with a clean and neat site, all the appropriate documentation for your records, and peace of mind.

  • Residential:

    ICI will alleviate all worries when it comes to removing your old heating oil tank. Our residential crew has removed hundreds of tanks in the tightest of locations. We are sure to always keep the homeowner well informed on every step of the process. We can even install a new above ground heating oil tank for you if you choose. Our office will take care of everything from the permitting to the local inspections and supply you with all of the written documentation you will need if ever a question is raised during the sale or transfer of your property. As homeowners ourselves, we know the importance of keeping the work area safe and neat, and leaving the home cleaner than when we found it.

  • Demolition & Site Clearing


    With a staff of experienced demolition saw technicians, our team can cut precision lines in concrete or asphalt to completely remove areas of concern. Whether it be for electrical conduits, sewer pipes, water line installation, resurfacing of parking lots, or simple access, ICI can not only remove and dispose of all demolition materials, but also resurface these areas however necessary for you to complete your project.

    Site Clearing:

    From complete lot clearing to access road installation, ICI can get you to the stage you desire. Haul away or chip on site, tree removal is always performed with safety and efficiency. In the end, our crew can level, grade, stone, or compact your site leaving it looking however you instruct.

  • Repairs & Upgrades

    Tank/Fuel System Upgrades:

    Many times the components of a tank system wear out well before the life of the tank. Small leaks or malfunctions left unresolved can lead to major problems down the road. ICI can affectively remove any part of your fueling system and replace it in a timely fashion while being as least disruptive to your everyday activity as possible. Whether it be a worn out pump or dispenser, or a complete tank top renovation, our crew can handle everything from piping and electric to concrete and canopy installation. We will work with you to make sure you not only have a well-functioning system, but also to make sure that the system meets the latest compliance regulations and codes.

    Spill Bucket/Sump/Manhole Replacements:

    Damage to an at-grade manhole or spill containment unit can not only be unsightly, but dangerous as well. A lot of people will say, “It’s just the ring or lid that is damaged”, but what they fail to realize is that if either of these items are damaged, you risk direct damage to your tank and components. Lids are used to support and protect your tank components from both foot and vehicle traffic. Once a lid or ring has been compromised, the weight of a vehicle now has the potential to transfer onto riser pipes and other below-grade components. This will not only harm these components, but can result in tank cracking and leaking. Our technicians will not only remove and replace the damaged parts but resurface the disturbed area to help ensure these problems do not happen again.

    Concrete/Asphalt Restorations:

    After each and every job ICI performs, we strive to leave the site looking better than when we arrived. From smooth edges to broom finishes, the pride of our masonry crew if evident in the details of their work. We always repave with drainage in mind. We go above and beyond to ensure that our resurfaced areas not only look great, but that hazards such as pooling and tripping are not an issue once we leave.

  • Permitting

    Our friendly office staff can either assist you with filing for a permit, or handle the entire permitting process for you. Knowledgeable in both Local and State required permits for any environmental or storage tank project, we will make sure this tedious process does not slow down your project schedule.

  • Inspection & Maintenance

    Compliance Inspections:

    The DEP has hired numerous inspectors specifically to inspect underground storage tank systems for compliance. These inspectors can and will issue costly violations for infractions including such items as: neglecting to keep an up-to-date logbook, debris in a spill bucket and leaking fittings on dispenser hoses. ICI can help you avoid potential infractions and assist you with ensuring compliance. We are a State licensed storage tank contractor and on the State Contract for storage tank work. This includes maintenance and installation of above and underground tanks, oil water separators, sumps, pumps, valves, dispensers and leak detection systems. Our services include monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance inspections for storage tank systems of all kinds. After a first time compliance inspection, ICI will provide you with a document listing the DEP requirements and recommendations on how to comply with them. We are certified by all major manufacturers of leak detection systems and can perform repairs as well as provide the required annual functionality certifications. ICI has completed projects for many DPW’s, industrial facilities, hospitals, marinas and public utilities. We would welcome the opportunity to provide a list of references and/or a written proposal to handle any of your needs. No project is too small or too large. To learn about the scope of the inspections, click here.

  • Locating/Test Pitting

    Every day we send out excavating equipment operators each with more than 20 years of experience. Not only their technical skill, but their vast knowledge of subsurface installation help ensure that they locate without damaging in the process. From fuel piping and tanks to contaminated hot spots, our operators work with efficiency and safety in mind.

  • Remediation System Installations

    Upon the discovery of impacted soils and/ or groundwater, one of the least invasive resolutions is to install a remediation system. ICI has been involved in the installation of several systems over the years, including air sparging and soil vapor extraction. Working hand in hand with consultants, engineers, and well drillers to install the latest equipment that will help to treat your site and work towards achieving a clean property.